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Chloe Foster and Dane Cross are our guests for today and they have this amazing little mutt scene to share with you guys. The sexy teen blonde gets fucked and creamed so you really shouldn’t miss it out. She was having some problems with some of her classes because she did have grades for them all and her teachers were forced to fail her. Luckily she could manage to pass a few of them but she still needed another exam passed so she wouldn’t lose her year. The nasty teen knew her teacher and also heard that he loves fooling around with students in his free time.

Well it’s not as bad as it seems because he is also pretty young so it’s ok. She went to his office wearing a short skirt and made sure she sat on the office so he could have a better look at her sexy legs. He, of course asked her, but she accepted with only one condition, to pass her class. That was set and now here she is working really hard on her teacher’s cock to save her class. I’m sure you liked this naughty teen and you can also check out this naughty girlfriend in some hardcore action as well.

Just Friends

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Little Mutt – Aliz and Kelli

Hey guys, little mutt here and we have some stuff to show off today. We aim to become your prime source of ladies having private fun together, by themselves, or even with a guy thrown in the mix sometimes. Well for this first update we bring you two women that will surely rock your world. The two are named Aliz and Kelli and they seem to be into some light BDSM. So watch them have their girl on girl fun for today’s gallery where the sexy brunette Aliz gets her nipples clamped while her friend Kelli licks away at her juicy pussy. Enjoy guys and see you next time!


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Coming up right next, a fresh new little mutt gallery for you guys! See these two amazing blondes having a fantastic time with each other, spreading their legs widely so they could start fingering each other big time. Have a wonderful time with these two and see how they are going to use their newest sex toy, rubbing their muffins with it. Enjoy seeing how they are going to play with their bodies, rubbing their tits and nipples and going even much more down, between their legs, shoving that white sex toy and starting to rub it to their muffins. You got to see how eager they are to play with each other and to get warmed up.

You need to see the entire action and to get warmed up and hot. Enjoy seeing how they are about to cum and get ready for something much more spectacular! Just wait and see how they are planning to pleasure each other. See also the latest video update, to see many other incredible action! Enjoy each moment of this scene, cause it’s truly amazing!

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Banged hard by the travel agent

As you are about to find out, you will see the most spectacular little mutt video updates ever. See how is this cute babe going to have some fun with one of her travel agents! She wanted to get a deal, to buy a last minute ticket but instead, she ended up in bed, between the sheets, with this horny guy. It was a nice deal after all, since she was so horny anyway. Have a look at her and see how eager she is to calm down that eagerness that she has between her legs and get ready to see her spreading her legs widely, getting ready to receive a monster tool right into her tight pussy.

Have a look at her and see how is she going to let him slide his monster cock in and out of her pussy, getting pleased just like she wanted. See the whole action guys and get ready to see many other spectacular scenes over here or enter the site and see some hot chicks getting fucked hard on the camera! Enjoy each moment and get ready to be amazed!

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A fresh new little mutt video is about to be released and you got to have a look at it, cause it’s so sensual and hot that it will make you hard instantly. Have a wonderful time watching two gorgeous babes in a very hot scenery, getting wet and wild and trying to get multiple orgasms out of their sexual games. At first, the brunette is going to lay down on her back and she will let the blonde come closer and slide her fingers deep into that moist pussy of hers. You got to see the whole action, to see how are these two about to get wild and wet, instantly.

You will see the blonde stretching those pussy lips and she will slide at first one finger, reaching the G-spot, then licking and rubbing that clit, making her girlfriend get so wet that she will cum instantly. See the whole action guys and get ready to see what other incredible scenes are about to happen here. Stay tuned to find out what else is about to be revealed!

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A fresh new little mutt video is going to be exposed and you should have a look at it, to see how a really cute babe is going to pleasure a big fat cock. She adores taking care of her guys, to slide their cocks inside her mouth, cause she likes most of all to have huge boners to fill her mouth. See how she is going to grab this cock, start licking it from the bottom until the top and see how is she going to explore it with her tiny tongue, searching each and every single inch of it with her naughty lips.

She adores grabbing those balls and pull them slowly, then take the head inside her mouth and lick it with pleasure until the guy won’t be able to hold it any more. He is going to spread his load all over this babe’s mouth and right inside it, filling her with creamy jizz. That’s absolutely no problem, cause she loves the taste of spunk and she will swallow it all! Have a wonderful time watching the whole action and get ready to see what else are they about to do. See the latest video as well, to see more amazing scenes! Enjoy!

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Have a look at this incredible little mutt scene and see how is this really hot babe and see her banging on top of a really huge cock. She is going to let this guy rub her entire skin and also her sweet muffin with his giant tool and she got really wet! You will see how is she going to take that immense cock and start drilling her pussy with it. Enjoy seeing the whole action, to see how is she going to be pleasured big time by this horny guy. She will let him spread her legs even more wild! You could see how is he going to grab her by the hips and you will see the way he is going in and out of that incredibly wet pussy.

See him pumping her hard and deep and see how is he going to spread that immense load of jizz all over her pussy! You will even see how is she going to have that creamy cum dripping out of her muffin! If you are eager to see more about this scene, take a look at the whole thing. Enjoy watching this incredible action and get ready to see also a fresh new video and have a great time!

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We are about to release our new little mutt project! Two incredibly hot babes are going to make out and fuck, pleasuring each other in such a wonderful way! Have a look at these two and see how they are going to stay at home for the entire weekend, planning to have an on and on banging hard! The redhead wanted to be the one in charge today so she made her girlfriend stay doggy style, so she could have a full access there, between her legs, to reach for her pussy and start drilling it with that transparent toy that they just bought.

See her sliding it into that slippery pussy, but not before she reached that clit with her fingers, to rub it and make her baby moan and tremble with her entire body, under her touch! See her cum and switch places, cause they both want to please and be pleased in the same time! If you are curious to find out how things ended up for them, see the full video and also check out the newest video update, to see some extra scenes that could turn you on!

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Teen Love

Hellow! little mutt com is back with the las update for this week. We know that you adore our girls and today we bring in front of you another pair of naughty babes that can not wait to get naked and dirty in front of the cameras. If you haven’t seen all of our videos until now, we invite you to scroll down the page and to really take your time with them. We are sure that you are going to find something to your liking because our videos are very varied when it comes to content. These two ladies from today are true beauties that you rarely get to enjoy. Our luck it that they are naughty and wet all the time. Watch these teens dildo fucking one another. 

This session will be really hot, we guarantee this and you can expect to see some wonderful skills. They will make your imagination run wild so be prepared to be amazed by their naughtiness. One of them it laying on the couch with her legs spread open for you to enjoy the view and for her companion to play with her how much she likes. Take your time to see them fingering one another and afterward dildo fucking their naughty and dirty pussies. The air is about to be really hot, so relax and enjoy. See you all next week when we will be back with more hot updates for you all to enjoy. Stay tuned!


Allie Rose and Ami Emerson

Good day! This littlemutt com brand new update is going to leave you quite impressed with this two delicious babes. You can see them play in front of our cameras and we would like for you to enjoy this scene at its fullest, because it’s going to be a very good one, we guarantee that. They like to make the best of every situation and we are sure that this one, in particular, is going to be one of you favorite for a long time.Two sexy ladies, one blonde and one redhead, will make your imagination run wild so be sure to watch this video until the end and to really take your time to enjoy it. Check out this teen getting her pussy eaten. 

We invite you to make yourself comfortable and to enjoy who these two naughty teens eat our each other pussy. We hope that you are ready for these two because they really are. They are very hot and aroused and do not like to waste time and because of that they get right into the action. Enjoy how the redhead starts licking her girlfriend pussy, making her moan in pleasure and enjoying herself. They will have some fun with each other and make sure that both of them will be moaning in pleasure in front of the camera.Take your time with this video, because you are going to have an wonderful surprise at the end. See you soon!